Do you live in a small apartment? Looking for ways to make your rooms appear spacious? Creating the illusion of more space can be a great way to ‘open up’ your living space. Wondering how to do that? Well, seeking the assistance of professional interior designers in Chislehurst is all you need to make your living space seem roomier.

No matter whether you live in an apartment or a small house, living in an overcrowded house can become stifling at times. Though everyone needs space to relax, breathe and be alone with their thoughts, that’s not easy when you have a limited space. It is here that the need for interior styling comes to picture. But, how do you give the illusion of more space without paying a hefty bill?

Here are a few useful tips to make your apartment seem roomier.

From Interior Designers In Chislehurst: Tips To Create The Illusion Of More Space In An Apartment

  1. Embrace Everything Monochrome

One of the foremost aspects to bear in mind is to opt for monochromatic colours. While you may love bathing your rooms in colours, it can make your rooms appear more overcrowded and smaller. Usually speaking, monochrome colour schemes allow eyes to move more easily around the room since they aren’t being interrupted by different visual stimuli constantly. If you want to grow the size of your room, paint it white and you will be amazed by the difference it makes.

  1. Be Selective With Furniture

Avoid placing heavy items of furniture in your small rooms. Experts suggest using sofas and couches which are raised by legs as skirting around the bottom blocks light. Choosing furnishings made with light woods like beech is always a great idea. So, you must think carefully about what you need and don’t need in terms of general possessions and furniture. Go for light, minimalistic items and you will be able to make informed decisions.

  1. Enhance Natural Lighting

Making a small space brighter can help you achieve great results size-wise. The warm light of the sun can open up space as well as eliminate dark corners and shadows which usually create a boxed-in feeling. So, leading interior designers in Sevenoaks recommend homeowners to opt for an airy and light window treatment and eliminate all bulky pieces of furnishings from the window.

  1. Use Drapes And Curtains Strategically

Enclosing your windows with dark and heavy curtains will make things appear more crowded. Since the penetration of natural light makes a room appear bigger, it is important to leave windows open to sunlight as much as possible. Even if you use drapes or curtains, ensure you fit them well above the windows’ top in a way that they reach the floor. This will create the illusion of large room size.

  1. Get A Mirror

Large mirrors can always create a feeling of additional space, especially in small rooms. Using mirrors will help the light bounce around the room, making the eye unsure of the room’s exact boundaries. This way, mirrors make space look brighter as well as larger. In addition to hanging a mirror on the wall, covering your side table or coffee table with some plate mirror can help in eliminating visual clutter.

Hire skilled interior designers in Chislehurst and make the best use of your small space!

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