Not everyone looking for interior designing services is aware of the fact that choosing the right lighting for your home is more important than you think. The light you opt for not only creates the ambience of your room but it can also change its perceived size. The right lighting is capable of uplifting your mood and also helps you determine how you can make proper utilisation of the space.

Unless you have prior experience in undertaking interior designing projects, getting in touch with experienced interior designers is always a wise thing to do. A majority of them have years of experience in the industry and knows how to create a space which can shine. When all the vital elements are taken into consideration, choosing the right lighting option becomes easier.

4 Points Interior Decorators In Orpington Consider When Choosing A Suitable Lighting

  • Light

Nowadays, a majority of the small apartments and basement conversions lack adequate natural light and this is why interior designers in Sevenoaks choose lighting which can compensate that. If you want the light to reach every dingy corner of your room, craft an interior design comprising of beautiful table lamps, uplights and wall lights. The wall lights should be strategically positioned as it helps the light to spread throughout the room.

  • Size Of The Room

The size of your room not only helps in determining the size of the carpets in Sevenoaks but even the type of lighting you should opt for. If it is a small room, don’t include too much furniture as it will make the room cluttered and prevent the light from spreading evenly. The easiest way to create the illusion of more space and allow light to spread easily is by including a few ceiling lights and corner lamps.

  • Furniture

Experienced interior designers in Orpington know that the right lighting options complements the furniture in your room. If you ever feel that your room is looking cramped and enclosed, it might be because of those dark mahogany furniture and dark leather sofas. If you are not willing to change the furniture, you can open up the space by using bright ceiling lights. Including a few stylish wall lights also helps in highlighting a specific piece of furniture.

  • Colours

The lighting you are opting for should complement the existing colour scheme of your room. If you have painted the walls with some dark colour, there is a high chance that the space will look cramped and smaller. With this being the situation, opt for bright interior lighting and large ceiling lights, you can also use spotlight bulbs to illuminate the space. If you have coloured the walls with some light shade, opt for soft wall lights which are sufficient enough to illuminate the floors and ceilings.

This being said, it’s time you hire an experienced interior designer who will consider the points stated above before choosing the right lighting for your room.

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