If you have ever felt confused about the type of work that interior designers and interior decorators do, you are certainly not alone! There does seem to be quite a conundrum regarding being able to understand the exact type of work that these two types of professionals do, and very often the terms interior designer and interior decorator are used interchangeably for each other. This is quite incorrect, however as the kind of work done by these practitioners of these two professions is actually rather different. To think that interior designers in King’s Hill and the interior decorators therein do the same work would be similar to equating the types of work done by a doctor and a nurse. With that in mind, discussed below are the key points of difference between an interior designer and interior decorator.


How are Interior Designers and Interior Decorators Different? Here’s How!

  • Education

One of the foremost differences between interior designers and decorators is that while the former needs a specific type of education to practice their craft, the same does not hold true for the latter. Interior designers in Tonbridge and indeed anywhere else need to imbibe a special kind of knowledge to be able to discharge their work in the best possible way. This is not mandatory for interior decorators as their line of work involves making an interior aesthetically pleasing, without having to worry about structural intricacies like interior designers.

  • Nature of Work

Interior designers thrive in a situation that requires them to plan a particular space and also specialise in designing and renovating interiors. The scope of their work is quite elaborate as everything from drawing up a floor plan to placing the final bit of decorative feature is included in their job description. With an interior decorator, however, you can rest assured that once they come into a room and work their magic in there, the interior space is going to look much more aesthetically pleasing once they are done. A decorator’s work involves working with furniture, colours and other cosmetic features to make an interior look beautiful.

  • Associated Professionals

Interior designers in Bromley work closely with architects and other contractors to ensure that their envisioned interior design has been achieved. Regardless of whether a residential house is being designed, or a hotel, office or even a hospital, you know that the project is in good hands when an interior designer is dealing with it. On the other hand, interior decorators are not required to work with architects and contractors due to the fact that the structural designing work is done by the time decorators arrive. For their part, decorators associate themselves with furniture dealers, upholsterers and other suppliers to get the things needed to enhance the beauty of an interior.

As you can see, there are a number of differences between interior designers and decorators. It is high time that people realised the difference, as the points of distinction are there for all to see.

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