Since the right interior design can offer a soul to any space by enhancing its visual appeal and making it more functional, approaching an experienced interior designer instead of trying a DIY is always advisable. They apply a few designing techniques and science of human behaviour while designing a house as it helps in maximising the capability of the space they are designing so that they can serve their intended purpose.

A majority of them in Sevenoaks and Yalding have years of industry presence and know how to design a space which can gather praise from all. They choose the decorative items like lighting, materials and colours wisely and are also aware of the building codes. To get their job done quickly and in a hassle-free manner, they follow few tricks. A renowned designer in Sevenoaks recently revealed a few of them.

4 Latest Interior Designing Tricks By Eminent Interior Designers In Sevenoaks

  • Hang The Artwork Wisely

It is not only vital for you to choose the artwork you are planning to hang but also the location. Hanging them too high will make your guests overlook them. Interior designers in Yalding consider its size before hanging. Though you can hang them a bit higher if the artwork is small, the larger ones should be kept lower. If there is some furniture below the painting, the gap between them and the artwork should be between 3 to 8 inches.

  • Choose Colour Palette Wisely

Not only do you have to choose a suitable colour for your interiors but even craft a suitable colour palette for the various elements in your room. If the view outside your window is appealing, the window trims can be painted in some darker shades. If you have opted for a classic theme for your rooms, paint the walls with some dominant colour and choose secondary colours for upholstery in Sevenoaks. You can also add some pillows or floral arrangements in an accent colour.

  • Arrange The Bookshelves

Interior designers never arrange all the books in your bookshelf in a vertical or horizontal position but maintain a ratio between both. 40% of them are kept in a horizontal position while 60% is kept in a vertical position and it creates the right balance and also helps in spontaneity. The vertical ones should be stacked above the horizontal ones. Interior designers in Sevenoaks sometimes soften the look of a bookshelf by adding a few green plants.

  • Consider The Rug’s Size

Since we generally arrange furniture surrounding the rug, considering its size will help you choose a suitable one. If you have bought an 8×10 foot rug, put the sofa and chairs in such a way so that the front legs touch the rug but not the back ones. If the rug is a smaller one, the furniture should be completely kept off. You can also put two rugs in a large family room and you will get two separate living areas.

Follow the latest tricks stated above and even you can design your rooms like an expert interior designer.

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