Vine House Interiors Ltd
September 2, 2020

We have recently moved to a new house and employed Maggie and her team to look at each room and make appropriate recommendations considering the style of house and existing furniture and furnishing.
Maggie made some very astute recommendations that we would never have thought of that work perfectly with the style of house. She was extremely knowledgeable, was able to suggest different ideas, considering our own preferences but steering us (politely) to other options where she thought we were making bad choices. She also made recommendations with respect to other items that she could not supply. We had confidence that Vine House Interiors were not simply recommending something to make (or increase) their profits and were happy to make suggestions that kept existing furniture or needed third party suppliers.
We were kept updated throughout our orders (we made various order over several months as we decorated our new house in stages); they were also efficient in sorting out problems with their suppliers (which were not their own fault) but took responsibility rather than passing the blame.
Keith who fitted the curtains, mirrors and pictures worked methodically and carefully; he was efficient and always polite.
We found their pricing to be on a par with John Lewis and similar standard products; but we were not charged additional fees for home visits or fitting; these cam as part of the service.
Maggie sometimes struggle with her iPad or computer: don’t be put off by this – we weren’t employing her for her computer skills but here interior decorating skills at which she excelled.
We are very pleased with the service provided and will happily recommend them to others (and indeed have done so!).

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