Do you wish to incorporate something unique, stylish and wonderful in your home? Why not draw some inspiration from the past decades and inject a touch of retro culture into the four walls of your house? Well the best interior designers in Sevenoaks believe that with retro home decor trends making a coming back, incorporating them in your home can be a great home improvement decision.

What goes around, comes around – both in life and with interior designing. Retro trends are making a major comeback in 2019 and are sure to take over as the decor of most homes. Whether it’s our tastes which don’t change much or the fact that we have a lack of fresh and innovative ideas, retro furniture styles keep reappearing. The last few years have witnessed a huge revival of the classic golden-age glamour and 1970s styling in interiors.

Here’re a few retro trends you can apply in your house for a modern spin on the past decades.


4 Retro Home Decor Trends Making Comeback In 2019

  1. Pattern Carpets & Rugs

Wondering what homeowners put on their floors during the 1970s? For most people, pattern carpets were a luxury they aspired to have. From random abstract patterns to bold primary colours which drew inspiration from the modern art scene of the 50s, you have a wide range of options to choose from. So you need to look for brightly coloured carpets in Sevenoaks with crazy patterns which perfectly complement the interiors of your home to make a unique style statement.

  1. Rattan Furniture

The art of making furniture from bamboo and rattan dates back to the tribal times of wicker weaving. People during the 70s took this home decor trend to heart and finding a material which evokes the era more is difficult. But this trend became somewhat banished to the conservatory gradually.

However times have changed and rattan furniture is making a fantastic comeback. These furnishings are widely getting accepted as a great addition to the living room owing to their great features. Choosing classic furniture in Sevenoaks can perfectly complement your house, making the vibe more casual and relaxed.

  1. Terrazzo

Invented in 15th century Venice, terrazzo was used as a way of using up the leftover marble remnants. Since then, terrazzo was extensively used owing to its great durability and was very common in schools, office buildings and metro stations. The fact that it is composed of chips of granite, marble, quartz and glass, all of which are suspended in cement, gives terrazzo its speckled appearance. With terrazzo making a comeback this year, it can be a perfect choice for stylish hard floors.

  1. Floral Wallpaper & Upholstery

During the 80s, an abundance of everything was the trend which included primary colours, wall stickers, ruffles and floral. The trend is back in 2019 and floral wallpapers with a contemporary twist are seen all over Pinterest. Instead of intricate pastel floral, bold graphics, giant oversized floral murals along with strong colours have emerged in this trend revival. Getting floral upholstery in Sevenoaks for your new home can thus be a great home improvement decision.

So what are you still waiting for? It’s time to follow the above retro interior trends and enhance the appeal of your house!

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