As it comes to alluring interior, you can’t simply ignore the importance of colour. Colours add the meaning to the ambience of your home. Without proper colour combination, your interior design will be inappropriate and incomplete as considered by the professional interior designers Sevenoaks.

Significance of Different Colours

  • Orange – It is associated with optimism and motivation.
  • Red – This colour relates to determination, ambition, and leadership. It also signifies physical desire.
  • Purple – This represents creativity, awareness, thoughts and imagination.
  • Pink – This is associated with intimacy, compassion and endless love.
  • Yellow – This represents knowledge and enthusiasm. It evokes the feelings of hope and happiness, and fun.
  • Green – This is related to emotions and energy while serving a balance to maintain stability.
  • Blue – This is the epitome of loyalty, honesty and trust.

Every colour has its own essence and goodness. So you need to choose it wisely and according to the vibes you want to implement in your home. Also the type of vibe may vary depending on the room type. Like the interior colour of the church is obviously different from that of a home or an office. Colour should be chosen and applied carefully to achieve the most desired outcome.

Role of colour in Home/Office Interior

There are a number of reasons for which you should be picky about choosing the colour/colours for an ideal home/office interior decoration/design. Let’s check out some of the reasons.

  • For enhancement of object recognition – An object can be best recognised through colour. Colour ensures quick recognition. With the proper colour applied, you don’t need to stress your eyes to find out the actual philosophy behind the decoration.
  • For establishment of the ideal environment – The environment or ambience of a home can be overestimated or underestimated with the colours used. Be it walls, furnishing or Roman blinds Sevenoaks – colour should be chosen wisely. Underestimated environments usually feature feeble intensities of colours as well as monotonous and weak colours. On the other hand, an overestimated environment is often the outcome of strong contrasts, saturated colours and a number of visual patterns.
  • Effective to create the right ambiance – The colours used for interior design have a great impact on the ambience you create. Choose the type of ambience you want to create and accordingly make the colour selection. A bedroom, for example, can be best designed while painted with relaxing and calming colours like the shades of lavender. On the other hand, a living room should be energising and so you can choose colours like green.


Things to take care of while Choosing Colour

  • It will be better to avoid white or light colours if you have small children or pets in your home.
  • The colours you choose for your home should coordinate each other to give a relaxing yet dynamic effect. Wrongly chosen colours can be really devastating to the interior.
  • Wall colour should complement the colour of upholstery Sevenoaks.
  • Be careful about which colour works where. For instance, yellow is welcoming, so you can use it for entrance area as well as living space. Blue is romantic and is best suited for a bedroom.

These are the key things that demonstrate the importance of colour for a perfect home/office interior.

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